Delivering More Benefits SAVE TIME and MONEY Get to market faster, saving 9 months or more of development time and expense by coming to a fully permitted shovel-ready site with rail infrastructure – including mainline turnouts industry common track and inner roads – already in place. ACCESS BNSF NETWORK and SERVICE Enjoy immediate access to the most efficient and fluid rail network in North America directly from your facility and take advantage of BNSFs consistent, reliable, cost-effective service. ACCESS HOUSTON MARKETS Easily reach the highly populated Houston growth area. TAP INTO BNSF EXPERTISE Our Economic Development team can help you establish an efficient rail-served facility, from construction to the commencement of shipping. Put Your Facility on the Fast Track - To discuss locating your facility at Logistics Center North Houston at Cleveland, contact BNSF Economic Development Representative Gary Lafoon at 817-867-0763 or visit our website at