We Care About People
The safety and well-being of the people on Team BNSF and in the communities where we live and work is an enduring value.

Purpose Driven Work

BNSF is a place where people work with true purpose, find many ways to build interesting and meaningful careers and become an essential part of one of the best teams in the nation.

Day in, day out, we are empowered to use our strengths, our knowledge, and our experience to move our company – and our country – forward, doing what it takes to move freight safely and efficiently while we drive innovation, create growth opportunities, and build a stronger and smarter future for us all.

At BNSF, we move the nation every day, powering a supply chain that’s the lifeblood of our economy and sustaining the American way of life in communities across the country. What we do is a team sport, and we’re driven to win – pulling ahead of the competition while always putting safety first, taking care of each other, and delivering a level of collaboration, service and capability for our customers that no one else can.

We take pride in our rich heritage of innovation and service that stretches back 175 years. We’re building on our history of resilience and moving forward with what we’ve learned along the way.

Together, we’re creating the railroad of the future, one that combines technology, innovation, and hard work to create new opportunities for our customers, our communities, and for each other.

Vision, Values & Leadership

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to realize BNSF’s tremendous potential by providing transportation services that consistently meet our customers’ expectations.

Shared Values

To live the vision, BNSF’s employees embrace a set of shared values:

  • Listening to customers and doing what it takes to meet their expectations
  • Empowering one another, showing concern for our colleagues’ well-being and respect for their talents and achievements
  • Continuously improving by striving to do the right thing safely and efficiently
  • Celebrating our rich heritage and building on our success as we shape our future

Success in living our Vision & Values is evident when we fulfill the highest expectations of our four key stakeholder groups and when:

  • Our employees work in a safe and secure environment, are focused on continuous improvement, share in the opportunity for personal and professional growth available to all team members and take pride in their association with BNSF.
  • Our customers find it easy to do business with us as they receive on-time, damage-free service, accurate and timely information regarding their shipment and the best transportation value.
  • Our owners earn financial returns as a result of BNSF’s revenue growth and operating ratio and a return on invested capital that is greater than our cost of capital.
  • The communities we serve benefit from our sensitivity to their interests and to the environment in general, our adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards and the participation of our company and our employees in community activities.

Our Leadership Model

Leaders at BNSF have embraced a leadership model whose tenets include:

  • Create a compelling vision
  • Model the way
  • Lead more; manage less
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Make development a priority

Safety is an Enduring Value

Employee Safety

At BNSF, we believe every accident or injury is preventable.

We will achieve an operation free of accidents and injuries through:

  • A Culture where safety is a core value and the most important thing we do.
  • A Work Environment that provides resources and tools to eliminate or safeguard all known hazards.
  • Work Practices and Training for all employees that help drive continuous improvement in safety processes and performance.
  • An Empowered Workforce where employees take responsibility for their personal safety as well as the safety of fellow employees and the communities we serve.

Celebrating an Industry-Leading, Record-Setting Year
We completed a record year for workplace safety in 2023, with the lowest injury frequency rate in our company’s 175-year history. We operated our 32,500-mile network without loss of life, and with the fewest number of employee injuries ever.

Learn more

Employee Training

Our multi-faceted approach to safety training for BNSF team members includes formal training programs based on technical rules, rail industry recommendations and federal regulations, as well as BNSF-specific initiatives developed and conducted by our experts. We invest in a combination of field, on-the-job, long-distance and technical safety training programs.

Internal Recognition

Two prominent annual awards, one recognizing individuals and one teams, celebrate our culture of safety and the people who make it possible.

2023 Safety Employees of the Year
Recognizing team members in multiple departments who embody the BNSF commitment to safety.


  • Robert Malone, Signals Inspector, Red River Division
  • John Garcez, Gang/Section Foreman, California Division


  • Waylon Marr, Heartland Division Carman Freight, Heartland Division


  • Thomas Starr, Switch Foreman, Twin Cities Division

2023 Safety Bell Recipients
Recognizing BNSF teams that achieve the lowest injury-frequency ratios.

  • Best Overall Division – Heartland Division
  • Best Transportation Team – Northwest Division
  • Best Mechanical Shop – Commerce, California, Diesel Shop
  • Best Field Mechanical – Montana Division
  • Best Engineering Team – California Division

Customer Safety & Security

From pickup to delivery, we are committed to keeping our customers’ shipments safe and secure. We employ our own fully certified state law enforcement officers who carry full police and arrest powers. BNSF Police conduct proactive, uniformed patrol to combat trespassing and cargo theft across the network. We have a collaborative approach with state and local authorities, customers and citizens, and we partner with customers, providing free, on-site security consultation.

At our intermodal facilities, we utilize site-specific security procedures, processes, and physical security to deliver a high degree of protection. At select locations, BNSF installed automated gate systems to verify the contents of the shipment, the driver's identity, freight destination and equipment condition.

Additionally, our policy of timely Rail Incident Reports by BNSF supervisors ensures we take appropriate accountability for any incidents and damage to cargo and develop solutions to prevent them in the future.

Community Safety

Resources for Responders
BNSF is committed to transporting hazardous materials safely – 99.99% of BNSF hazmat shipments reach their destination without a release caused by a train incident. Our rigorous approach to hazmat safety is informed by a framework of measures focused on prevention, mitigation and response. Resources include a network of over 120 responders and advisors trained to deal with all types of hazmat releases and emergency response equipment strategically positioned at 54 locations across our network.

Resources for responders include:

  • Free training to first responders through the Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response (TRANSCAER) program.
  • BNSF trained 8,000 local emergency responders in Railroad Emergency Response and Hazardous Material Awareness through online and in-person sessions in communities across our network in 2023.
  • The AskRail App gives responders access to real-time data on each railcar in a train and its contents, as well as providing railroad contacts during incidents.
  • The website arms community responders with railroad and hazmat information and tools for training.

Grade Crossings
Improving safety at highway-rail grade crossings is an ongoing focus. Efforts include community education and awareness campaigns, train crew education and testing, the deployment of new safety technology and crossing closures. We have one of the lowest highway-railroad grade crossing collision rates in the rail industry and, as an industry leader, will continue to work with the states and the communities we serve to further improve grade crossing safety.

For the past several years, we have spent an average of approximately $141 million annually on programs related to grade-crossing safety. Our expenditures include 24 total full-time employees in charge of crossing safety efforts plus various staff for crossing/signal maintenance and vegetation control. The amount spent on grade-crossing safety includes an annual average of approximately $22 million to maintain grade-crossing road surfaces.

Network Inspections
We regularly inspect all aspects of our network, including our locomotives, track, rail and bridges, and we conduct additional weather-event inspections as conditions demand. Our team of trained inspectors deploys advanced equipment including instrument-equipped rail cars, bridge inspection vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). BNSF inspections are consistent with federal regulations, and we are committed to timely maintenance, repair and replacement whenever issues or potential issues are detected.

Safety-enhancing technology includes:

  • Machine Vision Systems (MVS)
  • Autonomous track measurement systems
  • Ultrasound for internal rail inspections
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • High-Definition cameras and accelerometers

Valuing Team Members

Total Rewards

We believe in providing competitive total rewards, including compensation, bonus opportunities, investment and retirement packages, health and welfare coverage, holistic wellness & employee assistance programs, career development, and paid time-off. Our total reward programs are designed to compensate employees fairly, promote internal equity, reward individual performance, and link pay directly with key business strategies and company goals. Our competitive total rewards approach enhances BNSF Railway’s ability to recruit, retain, and motivate strong-performing employees.

Benefits for Employees & Their Families

A large part of the value of working for BNSF comes through our range of benefits that many employees can utilize. Some of the benefits highlighted below apply to both exempt and union employees, dependent upon agreement.

Financial Benefits include:

  • Competitive pay and bonus (including paid vacation and overtime-eligible pay)
  • BNSF-sponsored 401(k) plan company match contribution (match varies per union agreement)
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits
  • Comprehensive healthcare benefits including telemedicine, prescription, and second-opinion care (including eligible dependents)
  • Family building and support services (pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, and parental support)
  • Dependent care and/or daycare assistance programs
  • Career growth, advancement opportunities and paid training
  • Competitive tuition reimbursement program (subject to eligibility)
  • Award-winning diversity and inclusion culture with employee-led business resource groups
  • Wellness programs, including fitness discounts and health coaching
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP), behavioral health services and a broad suite of work, life and financial resources
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan – Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) stock

Employee Development

Training and Development
Our team members have opportunities to enhance their skills through best-in-class training including using life-size and virtual reality simulators, technical apprenticeships, on-the-job rotations and guidance from industry experts, peers and BNSF leaders. We promote career development in several ways, including programs for management trainees and first-line supervisors, along with opportunities for formalized feedback and coaching, leadership training, mentoring and tuition reimbursement.

BNSF Railway’s award winning People Leader Training (PLT) program began in 2001 and serves all exempt employees. The purpose is to grow leadership capability and evolve our culture, while supporting the consistent implementation of the BNSF Leadership Model.

Attracting & Retaining Team Members

College & Military Recruiting
At BNSF, we have a variety of job opportunities for high school and college graduates, as well as for those who have served in the military. We have relationships with more than 68 schools, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Asian American and Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions and Native American-Serving Institutions with diverse student groups where we recruit interns and management trainees. From college campuses and military bases to vocational/technical colleges and high schools, we engage to attract diverse individuals for trainee and professional positions, experienced first-line supervisor opportunities (Mechanical, Transportation, Engineering positions), conductor and maintenance of way positions and more.

We recognize the growing demand for STEM professionals and the projected deficit of 2 million jobs going unfilled in the U.S. by 2025. To ensure we are ready to fill our roles with diverse talent, we have increased our engagement with student groups on campus including AESES (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers) at UT Arlington, AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society), SASE (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers), SWE (Society of Women Engineers), and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers).

We champion diversity by participating in scholarship programs that benefit diverse students, including Girls Inc., the Hispanic Women’s Network of North Texas and the National Association of Asian Americans. The BNSF Railway Foundation also supports organizations such as the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and the United Negro College Fund.

Diversity & Inclusion

At BNSF, diversity and inclusion are foundational values, and have been core to our shared Vision and Values since our inception.

As members of the BNSF community, our employees are entitled to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Have equal access to tools, resources, training and development opportunities.
  • Have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Recognition includes:

  • 2023-2024 Equality 100 Award, Human Rights Campaign, 100/100 Score
  • 2023 50 Best Companies for Latinas to Work for in the US, Latina Style
  • 2023 NDC Index, Best U.S. Companies for Diversity
  • 2023 Best Companies for Diversity, Women and Millennials, Women’s Choice Awards
  • 2023 Best Employers for Women, Forbes
  • 2023 DEI and Leadership Awards, Brandon Hall
  • 2023 Diversity Impact Awards
  • 2023 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion, DEI
  • 2023 Military Friendly Employers
  • 2023 Best Place for Working Parents
  • 2023 Military Times Best for Vets Employers

Full List of Awards


We recently expanded our voluntary self-identification form to include LGBTQ+ to better understand the composition of our workforce and expand our diversity and inclusion initiatives. This helped us improve our score from 90 to 100/100 on the 2023 Corporate Equality Index Score by the Human Rights Campaign.
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Three Pillars of Focus

To promote diversity and inclusion initiatives we are guided and inspired to action through Three Pillars of Focus.

  1. Representation: Increase diversity throughout the organization.
  2. Development: Develop leaders who create a diverse and inclusive culture.
  3. Accountability: Ensure diversity and inclusion remain a strategic priority to have a greater impact.

Diversity Councils

Diversity Councils spread throughout our network give employees an opportunity to promote a positive culture, including educating and heightening diversity awareness. The Diversity Councils engage members in community service projects as well as spread “Respect Every Day.” This initiative is focused on improving awareness about what constitutes offensive or inappropriate behavior and providing tools to stop it.

Business Resource Groups

Within our company and our communities, we have many ways for our employees and their teams to get involved as a member of one of our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and employee-led groups. Our groups provide employees development opportunities, the ability to network, to gain exposure to senior leaders and to work together to build creative solutions to business problems.

Employee-Led Groups
Diversity Council
Women EnRoute

Business Resource Groups (BRGs)
Black Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD)
Asian Pacific Islander Network (APIN)
Business Resource and Veterans Engagement (BRAVE)
Emerging Leaders Network (ELN)
Hispanic Leadership Council (HLC)
North American Nations (NAN)
Women’s Network (WN)
Working Caregivers (WC)
Disability Inclusion Alliance (DIA)

Supporting Women

Though historically the rail industry has been predominantly male, females continue to make an increasing impact, especially at BNSF. We are committed to a fully inclusive environment, and we’ve established resources to help every BNSF employee reach their full potential. Two prime examples are our Women’s Network BRG and our Women EnRoute groups across the network.

Recognition includes:
2023 Best Companies to Work for Women, Women’s Choice Awards
2023 Best Employers for Women, Forbes

Women’s Network
The Women’s Network (WN) was the first BRG at BNSF and is designed to support all women – both salaried and scheduled employees. The Women’s Network’s mission is to support women in personal and professional growth, but anyone can join. Even if employees don’t identify as a woman, they’re welcome to join and receive the title of “ally.” The WN sponsors an annual Making a Difference Award and has an established mentoring program focused on strategic networking and development opportunities.

Women EnRoute
BNSF’s Women EnRoute (WER) groups provide female leaders in the field an outlet for growth and development as well as a space to share unique experiences. WER has groups in each of our 10 operating divisions that collaborate with each other. WER often serves as a resource for women transitioning to management from a union-represented position.

Supporting Veterans

We know that military veterans have the experience, determination and dependability to be teammates that can always be counted on. That’s why we have a long legacy as a top employer of military veterans. In fact, nearly a fifth of our workforce has served in the U.S. Armed Forces. We also support reservists by providing time off for training and deployment. Our BRAVE (Business Resource and Veterans Engagement) group helps veterans, reservists and first responders engage with communities, improve leadership skills and develop their careers.

Recognition includes:
2023 Military Friendly Employers

Valuing Our Customers & Suppliers

We are committed to fair treatment of all our customers and suppliers. We regularly collaborate with our customers to create enhanced supply chain solutions. For instance, in 2023, we launched Quantum, a J.B. Hunt and BNSF service, a new breakthrough intermodal service that offers our customers the consistency, agility and speed needed to transport service-sensitive highway freight using rail. And we work closely with companies to help them integrate more rail into their supply chains in order to decrease their costs and carbon emissions.

Another example of working closely with customers is our Agricultural Ombudsman program. Through the program, BNSF Managers of Agricultural Development are placed in key locations around the BNSF network to build critical relationships with farmers and their crop associations, locally and nationally. Building and maintaining these relationships are crucial to ensuring open and productive communication between farmers, grain companies, farm organizations and appointed and elected officials. Additionally, our Ombudsmen work with customers to address issues across the gamut of the customer-railroad relationship and serve as a critical starting point for customers who wish to expand and grow on BNSF.

We also value our suppliers. We purchase material and service items from an extensive list of sources. We seek to acquire quality goods and services at the lowest total cost of ownership by working resourcefully, efficiently, effectively and ethically with both current and prospective suppliers.

Responsible Sourcing & Supplier Risk Management

We expect our suppliers to deliver high-quality products and services and demonstrate integrity and a commitment to the highest level of ethical standards. Our Supplier Guide describes the ethical, legal and procurement standards that we expect in our business relationships with suppliers.

Community Engagement & Philanthropy

Special Train Trips for Special Communities

To say thank you to our employees, their families and the communities they live in, we run the Employee Appreciation Special. This beautiful train tours various parts of our 32,500-mile network bringing fun activities and scenic rides in vintage stainless steel passenger cars. In 2023, the EAS – made up of 14 restored passenger railcars – visited Gallup, New Mexico; Winslow and Phoenix, Arizona; and Needles, Barstow, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield, California. Almost 6,800 passengers boarded the business cars throughout June. Our employees and their families enjoyed a 90-minute round-trip ride.

Another beloved tradition is the BNSF Holiday Express, making festive visits to several communities on the BNSF network and entertaining the families of military veterans and first responders. Visits typically include donations to local nonprofits that support veterans.

BNSF Foundation

The primary way we contribute to national, regional and local charitable organizations is through the BNSF Railway Foundation. The BNSF Railway Foundation supports causes and programs including:

  • Veteran-focused groups including Wreaths Across America, the USO, Toys for Tots, Military Miles Marathons, the Wounded Warrior Project and the Big Red Challenge.
  • Groups who promote health and education in our communities, such as All Kids Bike, the Tulsa Dream League and the Museum of Science & History in Memphis.
  • Groups who support environmental protection and conservation efforts, such as Friends of the Mississippi River and the Lake Effect Conservancy.

Employee Giving

Every year, our generous BNSF team members, at locations across our network, volunteer and contribute their time and talents to numerous charitable causes in their communities. The BNSF Railway Foundation’s Employee Matching Gift Program matches employees’ financial donations to public charities dollar for dollar up to $20,000 per employee per year. The foundation matches about $1 million annually to more than 700 organizations.

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