AAR Open Top Loading Rules - Solicitation for Comments

Dec 3, 2019

BNSF has been advised that the Association of American Railroads (AAR) is reviewing Section 5 of the AAR Open Top Loading Rules Manual (OTLR) for possible changes.

The AAR's Open Top Loading Rules Committee (OTLRC) requests comments from the industry regarding the addition of Longitudinal Lumber Pack (LLP) dunnage system in Figures 54 and 54-B:

MN Open Top Loading Rules Section5 Fig 54 2019-12-03.pdf

MN Open Top Loading Rules Section5 Fig 54-B 2019-12-03.pdf

to Section 5 of the OTLR. According to AAR rules, comments are being requested prior to any implementation of this dunnage system pertaining to lumber loaded on center A-frame flatcars with cable tie-downs.

The OTLRC is soliciting comments and any attachments to
Mr. Rama Maram, Manager - AAR Open Top Loading Rules via email at otlr@aar.com. All comments received by Friday, December 6, 2019, will be considered by the committee prior to final implementation of the change.

For more information, please review the AAR Circular.

MN Open Top Loading Rules AAR Circular on Section5 Fig 54 and 54-B C-13438 2019-12-3.pdf

Please contact your BNSF marketing representative with any questions.

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