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Expanding or developing a new rail-served facility can be challenging, especially when it comes to navigating through all the necessary processes. You can rely on BNSF to help guide you through all aspects of expanding or developing a new site, including evaluating and selecting the best options for your business.

With BNSF, establishing a new rail-served facility is a routine three-phase process that involves coordinated efforts from you and our Economic Development team. Throughout the entire process, you can count on us to guide you through step-by-step.

  • Phase I - Gather information
  • Phase II - Develop infrastructure and operating plan
  • Phase III - Construction and send/receive your first shipments

Complete details on each of the three phases can be found by reviewing our customer guide to establishing new rail served locations.  

In some cases, transloading might be your better option for incorporating rail into your transportation strategy.

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Count on our professional team to help you navigate the economic development process - from market research and planning, through real estate acquisition, construction and the commencement of shipping. Here are some helpful tools to guide you through the process.

Documentation Information

Tools and Guidelines

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BNSF’s industrial site certification program supports BNSF’s larger initiative of developing business parks and/or rail served sites along our network. Currently, we have ten BNSF Certified Sites; however, we are continuing to add to our inventory of sites.

For more information, or to contact our Certified Sites, please click on the map locations below.

(Interested in becoming a BNSF Certified Site, contact:,BNSF Economic Development.)

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Because each project is unique, collaboration with your Economic Development regional manager is essential in determining a plan that fits your exact needs. You can count on each of our regional managers to provide you with honest, intelligent and thorough information on which to base your decisions.

Consult the territory map and table below to identify and contact the regional manager in your specific territory, or fill out the questionnaire and we'll get your request rolling.

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  Name Contact
  Tel: 206-625-6355
  Tel: 909-386-4020
  Tel: 701-667-7425
  Tel: 303-480-6229
  Tel: 623-463-4133
  Tel: 701-667-7425
  Tel: 913-551-4148
  Tel: 817-867-6526
  Tel: 817-867-6137
  Tel: 312-850-5699
  Tel: 817-867-6375

Unit Train Contacts

Area Name Contact
Destination Crude Tel: 817-867-0779
Origin Crude/Pipe Tel: 913-551-4145
Origin Crude Tel: 913-551-4146
Unit Train Ag North Tel: 817-867-6522
Unit Train Ag South Tel: 817-867-0873
Coal/Aggregate Unit Trains Tel: 817-867-6584
Customer Tools

Our new Customized Rate Profile tool enables you to create, save and run rate reports for the commodities you ship the most and the shipping lanes you most frequently use.

Also, all customers now have to log in to access pricing tools and information. If you do not have your login ID, please register on using our new expedited registration process. Once registered, you will have instant access to pricing information

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