Management Trainee Program

Selected candidates begin the program by attending a two week orientation. During orientation, trainees experience a variety of activities, including; presentations from the different departments, a Railroading 101 course, EEO and diversity training, communication and management skills training, rail yard tours, and panel discussions with senior management, including Matt Rose, BNSF's chairman, president and chief executive officer.

The two-week training goals:

  • Understand BNSF's "Vision & Values"
  • Endorse the mandate for safety in the BNSF workplace
  • Understand BNSF's code of ethics
  • Become familiar with the different departments' duties and responsibilities
  • Enhance personal skills

Following the two-week orientation, Management Trainees move into their respective departments to begin focused training in preparation for their first assignment. Trainees receive exposure to work group activities and responsibilities within their respective departmental programs.

To be considered for the Management Trainee program, candidates must have:

  • A good scholastic record
  • A history of leadership roles in school or the community
  • The ability to analyze problems logically
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

BNSF recruits candidates from college campuses, the Internet, BNSF's former interns, and external job postings on the BNSF website. As part of the selection process, a potential candidate visits BNSF's corporate headquarters to participate in panel interviews and a comprehensive skills assessment. Check out our recruiting events calendar.

Departments that regularly recruit management trainees include:



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